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What are our

Personal Development for Employees

Every employee, from crew member to management, is required to go through monthly personal development training. This allows our employees to have tailored development to help them grow as an individual and accomplish goals that they set for themselves and their family situation.

Expansion of Contract Base

We want to continue to grow so that we can provide more training and opportunities for our future workforce. The only way we can do that is by obtaining more contracts. More contracts mean more employees.

Increase hours for part time employees to full time so they can qualify for benefits

We want to increase our contract base and be able to provide more hours to our employees. Our goal is to have the hours and the pay rate possible for our employees so that they only must work one job instead of two – three.

Additional training for current staff so they can be promoted for leadership positions

Our company promotes from within. The current leaders for our janitorial staff started as crew members and worked their way up to the leadership team. We provide additional leadership training to those that are on the fast track to supervisor positions.

Additional Services

As we continue to grow, we would like to add more services to our list of options. Residential cleaning services will allow our employees to go to “work” a little closer to their home and allows for a flexible work schedule.

Our Philosophy

The American dream comes from opportunity – and that is the premise of our business philosophy. We ask our potential customers to give us the opportunity to serve their business needs by providing a clean and welcoming work environment for their clients and employees. We hold ourselves to that same standard when engaging with our employees. We want to give each of our employees the opportunity to be successful in this job and in every future job that they will hold. We also believe in giving those in the community the opportunity for second chances by employing individuals that may have had an issue with drugs or alcohol in the past. We want our employees to know that they work for a company that believes in giving an individual the opportunity to be successful as long as they are willing to work hard to help serve the needs of our customer.

Success Stories

Our company was started for the sole purpose of hiring individuals that are in need of bettering their current situation. Whenever a decision is put in front of us in regard to an employee, the management team always comes back to this question – are we helping make this employee’s life better and more meaningful?
In the past, we have seen some of our employees:
As a small company, our biggest investment in the community is our people. The way that we wrap our arms around our employees and set them up for success will continue to be the way our company contributes to this community.

Okay... but what about

Additional services:

In addition to maintaining our current contracts and service structure, our company would like to expand into Construction

Expansion to North Alabama and beyond:

Our current contracts have us working in Huntsville, Madison, and Madison County. One of our long-range goals is to successfully impact surrounding counties in North Alabama by providing quality jobs for those wanting to work in this industry. We would want to provide the same level of support and care for those employees as we currently do now at our corporate office location.

Scholarship Fund:

As our company continues to invest in our employees, we have seen a need for an internal scholarship fund for not only our current employees, but for their family members as well. One of our goals is to have an internal committee made up of employees so they can assist in the selection process for awarding scholarships for certifications as well as college scholarships / tuition assistance to qualifying employees and/or their family members.